Smart Locks

August Smart Lock

A Smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical locks. It is wholly dissimilar in terms of user identification, security and management. It is a more intelligent lock. And it has the access control system to lock the door and all its components. Smart Lock is a security device offering convenience and advanced technology, you may call it a composite locks.

Now the smart lock is different from the previous process. The preceding way was first open the door and then scan. But now the scanning method is very simple. The scan can be finger scan from top to bottom. You can also scan without the fingers. To reduce the fingerprint residue, scanning more is a great option. This greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprints.

The use of non-mechanical keys as a user identification (ID) involves mature technologies, such as:

  • Fingerprint lock, iris recognition, access control
    • biometric class
    • high security
    • no loss or damage
    • inconvenient configuration
    • high cost
  • Magnetic card, RF card
    • non-contact category
    • high security
    • plastic material
    • configuration to carry is more convenient
    • low price
  • TM card
    • contact category
    • high security
    • stainless steel
    • easy to carry configuration
    • the lower price

They are used in the following places: Banks, government departments (focus on security), hotels, school dormitories, and residential areas. The focus is on easy management. Good providers are mostly overseas, including specialised smart lock companies and Amazon.

Features of Smart locks


  1. Smart Lock is different from the general mechanical lock. With automatic electronic induction locking system, he will automatically sense the door in the closed state. The system will automatically lock. Smart locks can be opened by fingerprints, touch screens, or cards.
  2. General fingerprint lock in the use of password/fingerprint registration and other functions is not convenient. Especially when the elderly and children use the individual smart lock. You can open its unique voice prompts so that users operate more easy to understand.


  1. The general fingerprint password lock has the risk of password leakage. The most recent smart lock also has a virtual password function technology. That is, in front of or behind the registered password, you can enter any number as a virtual password. This effectively prevent the registration password leak, while opening the door lock.
  2. In the ordinary district security environment, the general door lock handle open mode cannot ensure adequate safety performance. You can easily drill holes from the door and then turn the wire to open the door to open the door. Many smart locks with patented technical protection, in the indoor handle set to increase the safety handle button. You need to hold the safe handle button to turn the handle door to open, bringing a safer use of the environment. (This function can be set selectively by the simple operation according to the user’s requirement.)
  3. The latest smart lock palm touch screen will automatically display, 3 minutes will automatically lock. Whether the password has been set, whether the door has been opened or closed, and password or door card registration number. As well as battery replacement tips, latch block warning, encounter low voltage, the screen is displayed, intelligent control.


The recent smart lock is different from the previous “first open and then scan” way, the scanning method is very simple. Place the finger on the top of the scan from top to bottom of the scanner. Without the fingers in the scan, scanning more will reduce the fingerprint residue. This greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprints being copied.


The traditional mechanical lock people have no special care about its appearance. A smart lock not only from the appearance of the design is suitable for people’s tastes, and even creates a smart feeling like Apple’s smart lock. An intelligent lock has been quietly listed.


Smart door built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring. Anytime between the tenants of the interaction have the ability to take the initiative to report the day of the TV visitors. Another aspect of the visitor can even remotely control the smart door locks for visitors to open the door.

Technical principle

Smart lock tongue structure

In the field of security technology to prevent, with Anti-theft alarm function of the electronic code lock instead of the traditional mechanical lock. This is to overcome the mechanical password lock less password, and poor security shortcomings. So that the password lock in terms of both technical and performance are greatly improved in one step.

The development of large-scale integrated circuit technology, especially the advent of single-chip microcomputer is good news for a smart password lock. Which in addition to the function of electronic code lock, but also the introduction of intelligent management, expert analysis system, and other functions. So that the password lock has a high security, reliability, application is increasingly widespread. This paper introduces the smart code lock with 51 series MCU as the core and elaborates its: Working principle, basic function block diagram, key design technology, and software workflow.

Of course, the skills of innovation is increasingly sophisticated. Intelligent lock function varieties are endless, many products set above a variety of functions in one. Remote control can be opened, the card can be opened, can be opened fingerprints, active lock and aggression alarm is also necessary. The function, from the security point of view is more reliable. However, from the smart lock itself, its performance sometimes still has instability, for example, encountered high temperature, strong magnetic shock, and other harsh environments. Some smart locks may fail, fingerprint lock fingerprint reader life and much more.

With the development of technology, there will be more locks, such as the emergence of new voice lock, face recognition lock, iris lock and so on.