Have you ever been to a special town in Thailand? In this town, ______ are everywhere in the town. They run around the streets, They ______ on cars, houses, and other buildings. They can go anywhere they want to, and they get into everything!

  The monkeys are very noisy ______ this town and they often make a lot of trouble. But how do the people of this town feel about these little animals? They know ______ sometimes the monkeys can make life difficult. People also feel ______ when the monkeys sit on their cars, run everywhere, and take away food. ______ people there don’t worry about the trouble caused by the monkeys, They know that it’s not just the monkeys, people of the town also cause the problem. So the monkeys ______ to run around the streets. They don’t try to stop the monkeys, People of this town do even ______ for the monkeys,? They have a monkey party once a year!

  But why do they have this big monkey party? In fact, monkeys are very important for Thai people, Some Thai people consider monkeys to be heroes ______ there is a great story. In the story, a demon(恶魔)takes the god’s wife away ,The monkey Hanuman(长尾猴)helps to save ______. As a result, Hanuman becomes a hero and many people in Thailand are especially kind to monkeys today.

  1.A. monkeyB. monkeysC. tigerD. tigers

  2.A. climbB. climbedC. will climbD. have climbed

  3.A. onB. atC. inD. to

  4.A. whereB. whoC. whichD. that

  5.A. terribleB. terriblyC. happyD. happily

  6.A. AndB. ButC. OrD. So

  7.A. will allowB. will be allowedC. allowD. are allowed

  8.A. manyB. moreC. mostD. the most

  9.A. becauseB. unlessC. althoughD. until

  10.A. sheB. hersC. herselfD. her


  It was a cold autumn morning a few years ago. I was ______ along the mountain roads slowly. It seemed like all of the ______ had changed overnight. The yellow and golden leaves were sparkling in the sunshine. The few green ones looked even better among those leaves. A part of me felt sad and small ______ the middle of all of this heaven sent beauty.

  As I was driving. I suddenly saw an old man hurrying along the side of the road . As soon as he saw me he ______ his hand, hoping for a ride,? I pulled my car over to the side of the road. I ______ the door and the old man got in with a smile. He wanted to go to the local post office but ______ the bus. As I drove along we laughed and talked about what a beautiful day it was, Then just as I pulled over to drop him off he turned to me and said:“Thank you ,You were heaven sent.”

  I ______ with a smile on my face and a light in my heart. I wasn’t sure if I had been “heaven sent”for him but he certainly had been “heaven sent”for me, He had reminded me that I was also an important part of God’s creation and that I should ______ taking my p;ace in it.

  In God’s eyes ______ of us are small. All of us are heaven sent. We are here to help each other, We are here to share our love and our kindness, We are here to make this world a ______ and more beautiful place.

  1.A. runningB. walkingC. flyingD. driving

  2.A. coatsB. grapesC. leavesD. fields

  3.A. inB. onC. betweenD. for

  4.A. roseB. raisedC. putD. hung

  5.A. lockedB. openedC. repairedD. covered

  6.A. caughtB. leftC. missedD. picked

  7.A. drove awayB. ran awayC. took awayD. threw away

  8.A. finishB. enjoyC. practiceD. allow

  9.A. everyoneB. someoneC. anyoneD. none

  10.A. richerB. cleanerC. tidierD. better


  With smartphones and e-readers becoming more common, some people worry that the days of paper books are coming to an end. But a recent survey has shown that traditional books are still popular among readers. Nielsen found that more than 7 percent paper books were sold in the UK in 20xx compared with the year before, while sales of their digital rivals(竞争对手)dropped by 4 percent.

  So what is behind 20xx’s print comeback? Nielsen’s survey found that it is young people who preferred paper books to e-books. In another study, more than 60 percent of young people said they preferred printed books to e-books. The most popular reason given was “I like to hold the product.”

  Steve Bohme, the research director of Nielsen Book Research UK, explained that young people were using books as a break from their daily electronic devices(电子设备). “We are seeing that reading paper books is a respite(缓解), particularly for young people who are so busy digitally.” he said.

  It is not just the British youth who prefer print books. The story is the same in other countries. The main reasons were that when reading e-books, students are easily distracted(分心). Some also ended up with headaches or sore eyes. In addition. Printed books can bring a very different reading experience. Some students said that they get a sense of achievement when they finish reading a paper book.

  1.More than 7 percent paper books were sold in UK in 20xx.

  2.Most of the young people prefer e-books to printed books nowadays.

  3.Young people can have a rest from their daily electronic devices when reading paper books.

  4.Students are easily distracted when reading e-books.

  5.Some students get a feeling of pride after finishing reading a paper book.


  Welcome to the Painting Competition for Woodlands Students.

  The International Anti-Drug Day this year is coming soon. In order to raise teenagers’ awareness(意识) to fight against drug taking, the City Art Council is going to hold a painting competition for the students in our city.

  Students who want to take part in the competition can hand in their own 2D paintings in either of the following two ways;

  ★Each school will be provided with a box for students to put in their paintings. Boxes will be picked up by the City Art Council on Thursday, June 23th , 20xx, before the end of the school day.

  ★Paintings can be also handed in on Friday, June 24th ,from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the woodlands Art Hall(175 Riverside Street).

  All paintings are required to be 60cm wide by 80cm long, or smaller, Larger sizes will not be accepted. Each student can only hand in one painting.

  The final decision on the competition results will be made on June 26th, the Anti-Drug Day, The name list of the winners will be made known on the website of the City Art Council on the same day, All winning paintings will be shown to the public at the City Youth Park from June 27th till the end of July.

  Prizes:1st Prize(10 students)=$300 Gift Card each

  2nd Prize(20 students)=$200 Gift Card each

  3nd Prize(30 students)=$100 Gift Card each

  For further information: Visit http://www.woodlands ArtCouncil.org.cn or call 2569-8632

  1.The main purpose of this painting competition is _______.

  A. to teach the teenagers some painting skills

  B. to tell the teenagers to walk away from drugs

  C. to provide the teenager with some art knowledge

  D. to introduce the history of the Anti-Drug Day to the teenagers

  2.The size of the paintings like _______ will NOT be accepted.

  A. 40cm wide by 60cm long

  B. 50cm wide by 70cm long

  C. 60cm wide by 800cm long

  D. 80cm wide by 100cm long

  3.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

  A. Students must put their paintings in the school box on June 24th

  B. Each student can take part in the competition with one 3D painting.

  C. Students can get more information about the competition in two ways.

  D. Each of the second prize winners in the competition will get 300 dollars.

  Many people travel to different places in the world by air. Usually it takes a long time, perhaps half a day, for passengers to stay in the plane. So airlines offer passengers food. But it is common that they feel bad about food taste. Do you agree?

  To solve this problem , airlines try hard to improve their food. They would like to do so because they don’t want to lose customers.

  However, according to scientific research, part of the reason why plane food tastes bad is that at high altitude( 海拔 )we can not taste things as well as we do on the ground. Also scientists have found that our noses become very dry even before a plane takes off. As the plane moves up, the change in air pressure( 气压 ) reduces one third of the sensibility(感觉 )of our taste buds( 味蕾 ).So our taste buds become senseless. The sad face, however, is that our noses don’t know it.

  All of these help explain why food on the plane tastes so bad. They also help explain why airlines choose to offer passengers salty and spicy( 辛辣 )food. Without doing so, the food would be tasteless.

  Now there are many researches on this. According to one of them, some volunteers are asked to lie with their feet higher than their heads for weeks. And scientists write down their feelings about food taste.

  Though scientists try their best, it is not as easy as they thought. Because they can’t deal with the special environment successfully, such as the change in air pressure, making food taste good is still hard for them.

  1.In Paragraph2,“this problem” means _______.

  A. passengers stay long in the plane

  B. food on the plane tastes bad

  C. passengers have no food to eat

  D. food on the plane is expensive

  2.Why do scientists feel it hard to made food on the plane taste good?

  A. The volunteers don’t know about food taste.

  B. The volunteers don’t understand them.

  C. They can’t find enough volunteers.

  D. They can’t deal with the special environment successfully.

  3.What is the best title of the passage?

  A. Taste of Airplane Food

  B. Airplane Travel

  C. Scientific Research on Noses

  D. The Change in Air Pressure.

  I think it is safe to say that snakes are not popular among most people, It would be hard to find a person who is neutral( 中立的 ),or simply doesn’t care one way or the other, What I wonder is why something even without legs causes such great fear.

  Snakes are quite useful, but that doesn’t seem to matter, Snakes help control the population of mice. Without snakes, perhaps we would find mice everywhere, Most of us, however, would rather see a mouse than a snake, The poison argument( 毒性的争论? )is a strong one, Some snakes are poisonous, and this causes people’s death , However, the poisonous snakes are only a small number. We can’t say all the snakes are bad just because of a few dangerous ones. And what do we do with the people who really like snakes? They like snakes even more strongly than we dislike them. These people learn about them, find them out, and watch them carefully, Why? The only reason I can think of is that these people are open-minded, They are able to put aside differences and welcome the snake as a friend.

  Whatever the reason for our like or dislike, snakes do something good in the circle of life.

  They would prefer to be left alone, and that is what we should do, If you’re lucky, you might not run across more than a few of them in a lifetime, That would be fine with most of us.

  1.How does the writer describe the appearance of snakes?

  A. Something even without legs.

  B. Something not popular among people.

  C. A person who is neutral.

  D. A person who cares about nothing.

  2.Which of the following shows that most people dislike snakes?

  A. They welcome snakes as their best friends.

  B. They would rather see a mouse than a snake.

  C. They wonder why snakes can cause great fear.

  D. They learn about snakes and watch them carefully.

  3.Although some snakes are poisonous, _______.

  A. they cause many people’s death

  B. they control the population of mice

  C. they are not dangerous to people

  D. they are only a small number

  4.The last paragraph seems to tell us that the writer _______.

  A. dislikes snakes

  B. has the best luck

  C. loves snakes

  D. prefers to be left alone




  The government requires us to plant ________________ trees to improve our environment.


  We ________________ games on the city wall last weekend.


  ________________ will make children unhappy and uncomfortable.


  ________________ news it is!


  The new technology has been ________________ used.


  Ⅶ. 任务型阅读.阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,完成下列各题。

  Many Germans, both the young and the old, love celebrating their birthdays. In Germany, like in most countries around the world, cake, presents, family and friends bring fun and happiness to such a special day, In general, birthday customs in Germany are similar to the ones in American birthday celebrations, However, there are some different ones one should pay attention to when in Germany.

  First, never wish a German a happy birthday before his or her birthday, It is considered bad luck to do so. There are no well-wishes. cards or presents given before a German’s birthday,

  Second, if somebody in Germany invites you out for his or her birthday, the bill will be paid by the birthday person. And don’t try insisting on (坚持) paying for yourself, It won’t work.

  Third, the one who has the birthday can enjoy a holiday for half a day, So Germans can usually plan their birthdays well. They like to spend it funnily, with much relaxation. Germans like to prepare a party after the birthday meal to sing and dance happily.

  Fourth, if he wants some presents very much, he may ring his friends or relatives to ask for them directly. They don’t think it rude.

  Besides. When you are invited, please be on time, Being late is considered to be too impolite.

  1.What brings great fun to a birthday in Germany?

  ________________ and friends bring fun to a birthday.

  2.What shouldn’t one do before a German birthday?

  Don’t ________________ a happy birthday before his or her birthday.

  3.Who will usually pay the birthday meal?

  The birthday meal is usually paid by ________________.

  4.How do Germans feel about being late?

  Germans consider being later to be ________________.

  5.How many different birthday customs in Germany are mentioned in this passage?

  There are ________________.



  I also use it to help others in need.

  How long have you learned it?

  I’ve already saved my pocket money.

  Have you received her invitation?

  How are you going to do that?

  I think she’ll be happy to get them.

  Have you got any good ideas?

  I also use it to help others in need.

  How long have you learned it?

  I’ve already saved my pocket money.

  Have you received her invitation?

  How are you going to do that?

  I think she’ll be happy to get them.

  Have you got any good ideas?

  A: Hi, Lin Li, Wang Hua’s birthday is coming. 76. 1..

  B: Yes. How about you?

  A:Me,too. I’m just thinking about the gift.77. 2..

  B:Well, she likes writing, Why not get her pens and books?

  A: Sounds good, 78. 3..

  B:Yeah, By the way, how will you buy the gift? Will you ask your parents for money?

  A: Of course not. 79. 4..

  B: You are right, I think we should learn to manager pocket money.

  A: That’s true.80. 5..

  B: What a nice girl! Learning to save and use money is important to us.



  “文明是一面镜子,折射出一座城市的.品质”。西安作为一座古老的城市在创建国际化大都市的过程中,离不开精神文明建设。在你身边有哪些不文明现象?作为中学生,我们应该从哪些方面做起,为文明城市的建设出一份力?请根据提示词,以“Let’s help Xi’an be better”为题,号召全体中学生共创美好西安。

  提示词:spit 吐痰; respect; traffic rules; volunteer; collect the trash; plant trees; clean the streets; an environmental project….

  要求:1. 不少于70词(开头已给出,不计入总词数);

  2. 文中不得出现真实的姓名和校名;

  3. 语言流畅、书写规范、卷面整洁。

  Let’s help Xi’an be better

  Our city is making its effort to become an international city. But in our daily life, we find_____________