What is the woman

  A.A student.B.A teacher.C.A saleswoman.

  What will the man do on Friday

  A.See a film.B.Attend a lecture.C.Go to the theater.

  Which character is the woman’s favorite in Friends


  What is the man complaining about

  A.His career.B.His health.C.His kid.

  Whom will the man celebrate the festival with

  A.His brother.B.His parents.C.His grandparents.



  1.What’s the woman doing

  A.Making an invitation.B.Asking for help.C.Giving advice.

  2.What does the man plan to do today

  A.Play tennis.B.Go on a trip.C.Help Emily study.


  1.How much is a ticket


  2.When should the woman collect the tickets at the latest

  A.At 6:00 pm.B.At 7:00 pm.C.At 8:00 pm.


  1.How many people are there in Peter’s family


  2.When do the whole family walk the dog

  A.On Friday.B.On Saturday.C.On Sunday.

  3.What does Peter do at home

  A.Do the laundry.B.Cook food.C.Sweep the floor.


  1.What is the weather like today


  2.What does the man like doing most

  A.Playing in the pool.B.Playing computer games.C.Reading books.

  3.How often does the man do exercise

  A.Hardly ever.B.Once a week.C.Twice a week.

  4.Where will the speakers be next Saturday night

  A.In a cinema.B.In a bookstore.C.At the woman’s house.



  1.What is the speaker

  A.A teacher.B.An editor.C.A student.

  2.What is necessary for a volunteer

  A.Communication skills.B.High scores.C.Experience.

  3.What’s the best reason for taking the job

  A.To learn to write.B.To make money.C.To have fun.

  4.When are volunteers expected to start working

  A.Right after the meeting.B.Tomorrow.C.Next week.


  Many people like traveling, but they cannot take their dogs wherever they go. Some people let their dogs stay alone at home while others ask someone else to take care of their pets. If you’re leaving your beloved pet at home for a holiday, it can turn into a bad experience. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your dogs anymore because Rover can cover for you while you are on leave. Rover is the latest service to offer athome dog boarding. It’s a good alternative (替代物) to boarding your dog at a dog boarding kennel (狗舍) or your neighbor’s house.

  The way Rover works is sort of like Airbnb. Dog owners surf the Rover website or app for pet sitters (照看者), which can be organized by zip code (邮政编码) and available dates. Information of pet sitters is provided, complete with many reviews, specific services and rates. Now Rover has over 25,000 pet sitters in more than 5,000 US cities. And they’re all experienced pet sitters.

  After finding someone that meets your needs, just send messages to the pet sitter to arrange a meeting. Then, like Rover says, all that is left to do is relax! Rover’s pet sitters are encouraged to send text and picture information throughout the day, and if there’s a medical emergency, the site will send a vet (兽医). Besides, don’t worry about a pet sitter who fails to help you, because someone else will soon take his or her place.

  Happy doggie, happy travels—that sounds good to us. To learn more about Rover, click here.

  1.What kind of service does Rover mainly provide

  A.Helping people take care of their dogs.B.Helping parents look after their kids.

  C.Telling people where to travel to.D.Providing information about dogs.

  2.According to Paragraph 2, we can know about a pet sitter through .

  A.sending emails

  B.making phone calls

  C.asking other dog owners

  D.looking at information on Rover

  3.What is a Rover pet sitter encouraged to do

  A.Walk the dog every day.

  B.Learn some first aid skills.

  C.Call the pet owner anytime.

  D.Provide the latest information about the dog.

  An earthquake is one of the most common natural disasters. It may cause great damage. So it is wise to learn some simple safety tips to protect yourself or your family members.

  Fragile items like those made of glass are easily broken and should usually be placed on a lower surface, near the ground instead of placing them in the cupboards higher up. Never place them near your bed, sofas and other furniture where you would be sitting or lying down. When there is a strong movement, these pieces will fall on the floor directly and not on you.

  There is a strong chance of short circuits (短路) and fire during an earthquake. Make sure you turn off electrical connections and gas immediately when an earthquake happens.

  During an earthquake, lie beneath an object that is not easily damaged. Do not go near objects that could directly fall on you. Never use the elevator to go down. Stay inside until the shaking stops and it is safe to go outside. Research has shown that most injuries happen when people inside buildings try to go out. Use the staircases at all times.

  If you are outdoors, do not take shelter under a tree, streetlights, electric poles or tall buildings. If you are driving, stop your car and stay in a safe place. Do not park your car under a tree or any tall object.

  If trapped in debris (瓦砾堆), cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing. Tap on a pipe or the wall so that rescuers (营救人员) can find you. Use a whistle (哨子) if one is available. Never shout for help. Shouting can cause you to breathe in dangerous amounts of dust. Do not light a match because you may burn yourself. Do not move about or kick up dust.

  1.The purpose of the passage is to tell readers .

  A.what to do in earthquakes

  B.how to prevent earthquakes

  C.the damage caused by earthquakes

  D.the rescue work after earthquakes

  2.The underlined word “Fragile” in Paragraph 2 probably means “_”.

  A.Easily foundB.ExpensiveC.Easily brokenD.Heavy

  3.During the earthquake, people are advised to .

  A.take shelter under a tree

  B.drive to a safe place quickly

  C.go out of the building at once

  D.turn off electricity and gas immediately

  Physical education, or PE, isn’t required for all high school students. In some schools, it isn’t offered for some different reasons. But should high school students have physical educationThe answer is certainly “yes”.

  Today many people don’t do sports. But as is known to all, doing sports is very important for an adult. Teaching teens the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making fitness plans now can help teens put exercise in the first place as an adult.

  High school isn’t that easy. Many students are under a lot of stress. Stress can be harmful to a student’s studies and life. Doing sports can help them deal with stress better, helping them live a happier life at school.

  The American Heart Association says that 10 million kids and teens suffer from obesity (肥胖症). Teens should get 60 minutes of physical activity per day to control their weight and to help their bones get stronger. The increase in activities that don’t get teens to move around, such as video games and computer activities, means many teens don’t get their required exercise. PE classes act as a public health measure to encourage physical activities and help teens have healthy weights.

  Not doing sports increases teens’ risk of developing many diseases. An active lifestyle offers a good way of protection from these health problems. As much as 75 percent of health-care spending goes toward treating medical conditions that can be hindered by lifestyle changes, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

  According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN), students who performed five hours of physical activity each week improved their academic (学业的.) performance. Students from programs with no physical activity, who used the extra time for classroom study, did not perform better on tests than those who gave up some study time in support of physical education.

  1.According to Paragraph 2, what does physical education in high school mean

  A.Making teens attach importance to exercise later.B.Removing the stress faced by teens at school.

  C.Getting teens to encourage adults to exercise.D.Helping teens learn to make good plans.

  2.What does the underlined word “hindered” in Paragraph 5 mean


  3.According to the PCFSN, doing sports .

  A.means making students choose between sports and studies

  B.helps students make good use of all their time

  C.means students adjust to their studies better

  D.helps students do better in their studies

  4.What is the text mainly about

  A.Why high school students should receive physical education.B.Why some schools consider physical education important.

  C.How schools can help students love doing sports.D.How high school students can live a better life.


  How to Be a Good Tourist

  We travel not only for work but also for fun and learning. Restaurants, galleries, temples and architecture...These places are like homes for people who live and work there. How would you want visitors to behave in your own home1. There are many ways of doing this without sacrificing our own holiday.

  Do your homework. 2. Guides will help you when you get to the site, but is that the best place to goIs it popular only because the one-day tourist can see it easily or because it is really a worthwhile place to visit?You’d better check it out.

  3. Walk around, even if in the streets closest to your hotel. Eat in local restaurants. Talk to the locals. Learn a few in the local language and use them. You will surely get a smile from the hotel staff and street sellers.

  Help preserve the sites. Most of the sites you visit may be visited by millions of people a year, so care needs to be taken to allow others to enjoy them as well. Some of these monuments are so old and fragile that they are sensitive to the touch of hands or bags and shows. 4. This way, you don’t encourage the use of those plastic bags that fly all over many sites.

  And here’s the big one — good manners are nearly universal. 5. If that doesn’t sound like you, then give the world a break and stay home.

  A. Experience the place.

  B. Always have a cloth bag with you.

  C. Read about the places you want to visit.

  D. Try to buy something from the local stores.

  E. A good tourist is polite, positive and eco-sensitive.

  F. We’ve cleaned up after ourselves and taken only good memories.

  G. I think we would like them to make it a little better because of their visit.


  Have you ever had problems in your life and don’t know how to be happyIf ____, you will find “Being a Happy Teenager” by Australian writer Andrew Matthews ____.

  In his book, Matthews ____ us how to have a happy life and answers the ____ of teenagers.

  Matthews writes about many ____ in the book, such as parents and friends, and the book ___ we should stop being angry and learn to forgive. The book tells us of useful skills ___ how to put what you have learned into pictures of your mind to ____ your memory better.

  Many teenagers think ____ happiness comes from a good exam result, ____ praise from other people. But you can ____ be happy even when there are no such “good” things. Success comes from a(n) ____ attitude. If you ____ from problems, you will have success in the future.

  Some school students have ____ of being too tall or too short. But Matthews tells us that ___ comes from thinking about things in a positive ____. If you are ____, people notice you and you can get a ____ view at the movie; if you are short, your clothes and shoes ____ less room in your bedroom! This is Matthews’ most important ____: you choose to be happy!






















  阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(每空一词)或括号内单词的正确形式(不多于3 个单词)。

  Peru is a country in South America 1.three main areas and it used to 2. (control) by Spain for more than 200 years. It is for this reason 3.Spanish is the main official language of Peru.

  Thousands of people 4.(attract) to Peru every year by its beautiful 5. (sight), such as the unique plants and animals to the Amazon rainforest, the buildings in Machu Picchu, and so on. People also love to experience the local Indian culture at Cusco while visiting the museums and 6. (enjoy) the excellent local food.

  Lake Titicaca is one of the most famous tourist 7. (destination) in Peru. People can enjoy the beautiful countryside by driving along the new highway 8.(connect) Cusco to Lake Titicaca.

  All in all, people can experience everything in Peru, from the ancient Inca culture to 9. (deeply) rainforests. No wonder so many people take package tours around Peru every year. Will you come if you have 10. chance to visit this wonderful countryI’ll do.


  假定你是李华,你和父母决定春节期间到桂林旅游,请你给你的英国笔友 Jack 写封信, 介绍相关情况。要点如下:



  3.你的准备:上网了解(桂林景点、其他游 客的经历);

  4.邀请 Jack 来一起游玩。

  注意:1.词数 100 左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。