Have you seen the movie Green Book

  Yes. I plan to write _______ review about it.

  A. aB. anC. theD. /

  Mr. Brown, I will keep practise reading to improve my English.

  If you make a _______, you must keep it.

  A. orderB. decisionC. promiseD. agreement

  The strawberries delicious. You can have a try.

  A. eat B. drink C. taste D. sound

  Your new shoes look nice, Alice. They must cost a lot.

  Not really. The shop is having a sale and I got them at a ________ price.

  A. wildB. lowC. basicD. honest

  Can students go online during lessons

  They can’t ________ it is for that lesson.

  A. ifB. unlessC. untilD. while

  Be careful when you are riding, ________ in a rainstorm like this.

  Thanks. I will.

  A. nearlyB. probablyC. especiallyD. hardly

  It’s not good for students to study all day long.

  They should give more attention to proper exercise and enough sleep, ________health always come first.

  A. so farB. for exampleC. after allD. at all

  What would you like, coffee or cola

  _______, thanks. I’d like a cup of tea.

  A. NoneB. BothC. EitherD. Neither

  You never feel worried before an exam, do you

  Well, I work hard all the time. I’m _______ any exam.

  A. busy withB. afraid ofC. ready forD. interested in

  Dad, I’m sure I will have a special experience in the summer camp.

  You bet! _______ I like you to try new things.

  A. I’m not sure.B. I’m really sorry.

  C. I don’t think so.D. That’s the point.


  In our family, we have a special way of telling our sons about Santa without lies. It involves both good acts and Christmas spirit.

  When they are 6 or 7, I take ______“for milkshakes” at the local______. We get a table, order our drinks, and the following speech is made:

  “You sure have_______a lot this year. Not only are you taller, but I can see that your______ has been stronger as well. In fact, I think you are ready to ______ a Santa Claus yourself.”

  “You have probably found that most of the Santas that you see are people ______ like him. Well, now you are ready to do your first job______ a Santa.”

  The children usually pick someone they know. They choose to find something that the person really needs, and ______ let them know where it comes from.

  My oldest son chose the old lady next door. He______that she came out every morning to get her paper in bare feet, ______ he realized she needed slippers. We went to the supermarket and a warm pair of slippers for her. He wrote on a card, “Merry Christmas from Santa”, then put the ______ under her gate. The next morning, she was out getting her paper, wearing the slippers. You can imagine how ______he was at that moment.

  Over the years, he chose a good number of neighbors and friends, always coming up with special presents just for them. One year, he polished up his bike and gave it to one of our friend’s daughters. This family is too ______to get a new one for the girl. When she saw the bike in the yard with a big bow on it, the look on her face was almost as ______ as the one on my son’s.

  When the time came for my next son to join the “Santa club”, my oldest came along to help with the speech. ______ of the club’s members have ever felt that they had been lied to because they were let in on the Secret of Being a Santa.

  1.A. himB. herC. meD. them

  2.A. hotelB. bookstoreC. supermarketD. cafe

  3.A. grownB. seenC. developedD. improved

  4.A. bodyB. heartC. faceD. skill

  5.A. meetB. findC. becomeD. change

  6.A. dressed upB. looked upC. put upD. took up

  7.A. asB. forC. withD. to

  8.A. neverB. seldomC. oftenD. usually

  9.A. understoodB. acceptedC. regardedD. noticed

  10.A. orB. soC. butD. because

  11.A. boxB. noteC. cardD. paper

  12.A. relaxedB. nervousC. excitedD. peaceful

  13.A. poorB. richC. commonD. funny

  14.A. shyB. goodC. afraidD. strange

  15.A. NoneB. EachC. MostD. All


  Beijing’s two sessions are being widely discussed across China. During the sessions, many proposals and suggestions were put forward. Here are three proposals that were discussed during the sessions that might interest you.

  Smartphone ban

  According to a survey made last year, 68.1 percent of Chinese primary and junior high school students have their own smartphones.Lei Yanqin, a deputy, suggested that smartphones should be banned at schools nationwide. She said that listening to music and playing games in class not only influence teachers, but also make it difficult for students to pay more attention to lessons. She added that students also like to show off their phones too much.

  New uniform designs

  Most junior high schools in China require students to wear a uniform. However, only three in ten students are satisfied with their uniforms. Some deputies suggested that the uniforms in schools could be redesigned. They said the new design could add more features of traditional Chinese culture. They required that better quality cloth should be used to make the uniforms so that they will be more comfortable to wear.

  Video game rating system

  Over 200 million teenagers across China play online games like King of Glory. With the computers, teenagers are able to play most online games produced in China and abroad. However, some games might not be suitable for young people. Many deputies suggested that all games would be divided into age groups according to their content. Players would have to provide their ID numbers before playing certain games.

  1.Lei Yanqin thinks that smartphones _______.

  A. are necessary in schoolsB. should be banned in schools worldwide

  C. can help students take notes quicklyD. are causing lots of trouble in schools

  2.Some deputies advised to ________.

  A. let students design their own uniforms

  B. make online games more competitive

  C. improve the quality of school uniforms

  D. stop teenagers from playing online games

  3.According to the passage, we know deputies cared about_______.

  A. the oldB. the youngC. the poorD. the rich

  You’re chatting with friends on the phone, but you can’t help looking through shopping websites in the meantime. You’re having lunch alone in the dining hall, but it only feels right when you start playing a show on your phone as if it’s a necessary “side dish”.

  We’re now living in a world that is filled with information. It seems unnatural to do only one thing at a time. It’s as if we’re all suffering from a recent article called “multitasking OCD”.

  “With news reduced to 140 characters and communication increasingly by emojis, we have developed the ability to focus our attention on several activities and devices at once,” Sabry Otmani, founder of Pulpix website, once wrote. “We need something exciting to keep us interested and to fight off boredom.”

  But perhaps “fighting off boredom” is not the only reason.

  My own obsession with multitasking mainly comes from the fact that everyone around me seems to study all the time. Each minute I’m not taking in something new feels like a waste of time. So I always have my headphones on, whether I’m commuting, exercising or walking in the park. I’m forever listening to somethinga course on classical music, or on new media management, and heaven knows what elsejust so I can keep up with the world.

  People who can’t stay away from social media are known by “FOMO” (fear of missing out): They have to be updated about what their friends are doing and saying. But I’d guess that “FOFO” better describes me – “fear of falling out”.

  No matter what reason you’re doing it for, “multitasking” is already a part of the modern lifestyle. Just make sure you make the most out of it.

  1.In the first paragraph, the author wants to ______.

  A. show how busy today’s life is

  B. show that people today often feel lost

  C. explain what “multitasking OCD” is like

  D. say people like to compare with each other

  2.According to Sabry Otmani people today like multitasking because _______.

  A. it can help them to communicate their ideas

  B. it can help them out of being bored

  C. they are impatient to finish one thing at a time

  D. they are more able than the past generations

  3.The underlined word “obsession” may mean “_______”.

  A. interestB. knowledgeC. understandingD. worry

  4.Which of the following is correct about the writer

  A. She wants to stay ahead of her friends.

  B. She wants to have something to show off.

  C. She doesn’t want to get left behind by others.

  D. She thinks it is boring to do one thing at a time.

  They say music is universal, and it seems to be true since wherever we go, we see people listening, playing or dancing to it. We tend to think that music is larger than our cultural differences and shows the deeper connections between us.

  But according to a recent study published in the Current Biology, music doesn’t speak to everyone. There is a condition, the researchers argue, called “musical anhedonia”. They say that those who have this condition may have few abilities to experience pleasure from music.

  For the study, 30 people listened to the same, mostly classical music pieces. They were then asked to complete a questionnaire on how they felt about the music. At the same time, the researchers measured their heart rate and skin reaction, which are considered physiological measures of feelings.

  According to the researchers, most of the people in the study got pleasure from the music. They had a quicker heartbeat and sweatedmore. However, a small number of them had very little and even no pleasant feeling while they were listening to the music. These people had none or very few of the physical signs which the others in the study experienced.

  The researchers say that this means people have different abilities to enjoy music and that “there are people who specifically can’t enjoy music at all”

  To study the condition more deeply, another group of scientists, at Columbia University, US, researched brain activities. They found that the key is the blood flow to the reward system in the brain. People who got less pleasure from music had comparatively lower blood flow to areas involved in the reward system of the brain when they were listening to music.

  The lower blood flow makes it more likely that the brain’s “reward system” will be inactive. And it will produce less of the “pleasure chemical” dopamine. As a result, people get less pleasure from music.

  If the research is correct, according to National Public Radio, there are simply people who just don’t get music. They may get pleasure from many things, but a good tune isn’t one of them.

  1.The people who is called musical anhedonia _______.

  A. avoid listening to music

  B. like to listen to certain types of music.

  C. can’t feel the pleasure that music brings to others.

  D. believe cultural differences are larger than music.

  2.What was the purpose of the study mentioned in Current Biology

  A. To learn what music people love the most.

  B. To learn how music influences people’s feelings.

  C. To understand the relationship between music and the body.

  D. To see whether music works in the same way for all people.

  3.What happened in the study when people listened to music

  A. All of them had faster heartbeat and sweated more.

  B. Those who enjoyed music had slower blood flow.

  C. They showed different physical signs as the music changed.

  D. Those who enjoyed music had more dopamine produced.

  4.Which part of a magazine may the article appear in

  A. Science.B. Sports.C. Health.D. Fashion.


  What are the kindest things that have ever been done for you Once, years ago, I made a list, on a late night flight to my hometown.

  My sister had called to tell me that our mother was dying and that if I wanted to say goodbye, I needed to get there fast. So I made calls to cancel work and hurried to catch the last flight out.

  After takeoff, the lights went down and I felt empty and alone.

  What do you do when you get lonely and there’s no one to hold you How do you fill a hungry heart

  I took out a notebook and listed all the kindnesses that I’d ever been given.

  Five hours later, when we landed, I closed the notebook and rushed to the hospital to say goodbye to my mother.

  Making that list of kindnesses that night helped me in the days ahead to do the things I needed to do and be the daughter I wanted to be.

  Kindness heals and fills an empty heart. It’s a gift, once and for always.

  Last night it was cold and rainy, so I wrapped myself up in a blanket. Warm then, I recalled being 7 years old in Mrs Harrison’s second grade class.

  That morning, I’d worn my new shoes to school. I loved the shoes and all the way to school on the bus couldn’t stop looking at them. But when I stepped off the bus, my right foot and my new right shoe – went deep into a puddle of water.

  Mrs Harrison saw the water I was dripping into class. She said, “Give me those shoes and warm your feet by the fire.”

  “Thank you, ma’am,” I said.

  “No trouble! We all hit a puddle now and then!”

  I don’t know if she remembered it. But I do. It warmed my feet for a few hours. But it has warmed my heart for a lifetime.

  Often, acts of kindness seem to be the simplest. But they become beautiful beyond all singing of it if they are remembered with thankfulness and passed on from one needy soul to another.

  1.The author thinks listing kindnesses can _________.

  A. help kill time when she feels lonely.

  B. remind her how lucky she was as a child.

  C. make her think that she was not as good as others.

  D. remind her to be a good daughter.

  2.The author mentioned her experience in second grade mainly to ______.

  A. express her thanks to Mrs Harrison

  B. show that children always love new shoes

  C. encourage teachers to care more about their students

  D. say that small acts of kindness can mean a lot to someone

  3.According to the passage, we should _______.

  A. remember these acts for a lifetime.

  B. spread kindness to those in need.

  C. speak about the kindness to other people.

  D. make a list of kindnesses and repay them.

  4.Why does the author think kindness is a gift for always




  Stephen Hawking, the best-known scientist if his time, passed away on1.(三月)14,20xx.

  Hawking was born in Britain in 1942. In 1959, he entered Oxford University and then went to Cambridge University for 2.(深远的) study. At the age of 21, he suffered from a terrible 3.(疾病)called AlS. He had to sit in a wheelchair.

  4. (尽管) Hawking was really sick, he never gave up studying the universe. He used every new day that life 5.(提供) to continue his study. He said, “ Where there is life, there is hope.”

  Hawking’s health condition continued to get 6.(更糟). He lost his voice in 1985, and had to communicate through a computer. But he 7.(设法做成) to make series of important discoveries in 8.(物理). He also wrote some best selling science books 9.(成功地), such as A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell.

  Hawking was a great scientist,his work and story will live on for many years. His spirit will 10.(仍然) encourage people across the world. We will remember him forever.



  假如你是Li Ming, 最近你的英国笔友Susan要来温州体验中国的传统文化,请你为Susan设计温州一日游的`活动,帮助她体验温州的文化习俗。请根据以下要点用英语给她写一封电子邮件:




  要求:1. 不能出现真实的个人身份信息;

  2. 词数:110词左右。开头已给出,不计入总词数。

  Dear Susan,

  I’m glad to hear that you are coming to Wenzhou._______________________________________


  Li Ming