—Is this Kate’s dictionary

  —No, is under the desk. She put it there this morning.

  A. hisB. yoursC. mineD. hers

  —I don’t know where to go this summer vacation.

  —Why not visiting Ezhou There are many places of interest.

  A. regardB. considerC. wonderD. suggest

  —Could you please tell me

  —Yes. There is one on Center Street.

  A. where can I buy some stampsB. when you will take your vacation

  C. when was the telephone inventedD. if there are any good restaurants around here

  — Look, Jim is reading a book under that tree.

  —It be Jim. He has gone to Beijing.

  A. can’tB. mustn’ tC. mayD. needn’ t

  —“Frog”, Mo Yan’s latest novel, please!

  —Sorry, it just now. But it will come out again soon.

  A. sold outB. is sold outC. was sold outD. has sold out

  —Do you have anything else to say for being late again

  —No, nothing sorry.

  A. butB. behindC. fromD. above

  —You’d better advise him anything out of the window while driving.

  —I will. He has to know it’s dangerous.

  A. not throwing B. no throwing

  C. not to throw D. don’t throw

  —It’s to stick your chopsticks into your food while having dinner.

  —I’m sorry. I won’t do that again.

  A. kindB. rudeC. politeD. proud

  —What’s the news about

  —People near the lake didn’t allow them to a factory so as not to pollute the water.

  A. set upB. put upC. take upD. look up

  (题文)—The living conditions in the countryside have improved greatly in recent years.

  —The farmers are living a much ________ life than before.

  A. happy B. happier C. happily D. happiest

  — did you travel to Shenzhen on business

  —By train.

  A. WhatB. WhereC. HowD. When

  —The shoes are very nice. I’ll take them.

  — But you must first. I think the size is a bit small for you.

  A. pay for themB. try them onC. put them onD. take them off

  — What kind of TV show do you prefer

  — I like the ones make me laugh.

  A. whoB. whomC. whatD. that

  — Class begins. Who’s on duty Who is absent

  — It’s me, Jenny. Everyone except Linda and Tom here.

  A. isB. amC. areD. be


  The Turners sat at the kitchen table. The sun was shining and filled the kitchen with a warm light. It was a perfect day for having a picnic or going surfing. But in the Turners’ kitchen, no one seemed to be paying attention to the________.

  “Okay, girls,” said Mrs. Turner. “I can tell by the expressions on your faces that you have a pretty good idea of why we need to have this family______.” Linda and Kala exchanged looks and slowly nodded.

  “Your mom and I have had many talks lately about the possibility of______,” said Mr. Turner. “We were hoping that it wouldn’t come to this, but we don’t have other choices.”

  “But Dad,” said Kala, “Kilauea has been an active volcano (火山) since 1983! Nothing has happened to us or to our house yet. I know we’ll be________here. ”

  “But your dad and I care about all the recent warnings given by the government. Even though we’ve been safe up to now, there is no way to guarantee (保证) that a larger eruption (喷发) isn’t coming up,” said Mrs. Turner.

  “Mom, this is our______. I can’t even remember living anywhere else!” Linda said, fighting back tears.

  Mrs. Turner put an arm around her daughter’s shoulder. “This won’t go ______for any of us,” she said. “Dad and I love this house, too. We have so many happy memories here. But we’re tired of living with such uncertainty. The most important thing in the world to us is that our family stays safe.”

  Mr. Turner______.“ Girls, there are other places in Hawaii where we’ll feel safer. We’ll have to give up our house, but you know home is wherever we go as a family. We’ll make new memories, and we’ll find things to love about our new home.”

  The girls were quiet for a moment as they considered what it would mean to move. “There are so many things I’ll________here, ” said Kala quietly.

  “We all will, ” said Mrs. Turner. “But one of the places that your dad and I have looked at is only a few minutes’ walk to the beach.”

  Kala and Linda couldn’t help________ when they heard that. They both spent every spare minute they had surfing. If their parents told them that they could actually live in the water, they would have been perfectly happy.

  Mr. Turner walked around to the other side of the table. He put one large hand on each of his daughter’s shoulders. “I’m proud of you two,” he said. “Thank you for trying to________ why this is so important to your mom and me.”

  Linda and Kala smiled. Dad was right: home was wherever the family was.

  1.A. kitchenB. tableC. picnicD. weather

  2.A. tripB. meetingC. dinnerD. celebration

  3.A. movingB. travelingC. returningD. rushing

  4.A. happyB. safeC. braveD. relaxed

  5.A. dreamB. choiceC. homeD. island

  6.A. earlyB. easilyC. quicklyD. successfully

  7.A. noddedB. shoutedC. judgedD. repeated

  8.A. senseB. stressC. respectD. miss

  9.A. smilingB. arguingC. worryingD. doubting

  10.A. explainB. wonderC. understandD. discuss



  issue: 发行 fab : 绝妙的;惊人的;极好的;难以置信的

  1.We may get the advertisement above_______.

  A. on television B. in kid’s cartoons

  C. in the Go Wild newspaper D. in Primary Times

  2.In the material, “Peckish” on the bag most probably refers to _______.

  A. a garden bird food B. a kind of bird

  C. a bird program D. a bird website.

  3.The activities have something to do with _______.

  A. a free tour of Bird World B. a fab family prize

  C. tickets to the Westland D. fun-filled schooling

  4.The advertisement offers information mainly to ______.

  A. teachers B. small kids C. parents D. gardeners

  5.From the material, we can learn that________.

  A. the kids have to feed the birds in the Westland

  B. the activities last from October 25 to November 2

  C. the kids are not allowed to turn on their screens in October

  D. a free child’s tour of St James’ Park is not included in the prize

  A mother returned home from the store very tiredly. As she put down all of the things on the kitchen table, her 8-year-old son ran up to her. He was waiting for her and wanted to tell her what his younger brother had done.

  “While I was out playing and Dad was on a call, Tyler took his crayons and wrote on the wall! It’s on the new wallpaper you just hung up in the living room. I told him you would be mad at him for doing it again, but I couldn’t stop him.”She let out a long sound and asked,“He did it again Where is your little brother now” “He is in his room,” the son answered quickly.

  She walked to the younger son’s room. She called his full name as she entered. Then, she found Tyler who was trying to hide. He knew that the worst moment was coming!For the next 10 minutes, the room was full of her shouting about the expensive wallpaper. She scolded the little boy for his bad behavior. The more she scolded, the madder she got. Finally, she stopped.

  Then, she walked to the living room to see what happened. As she saw the wall, her eyes were filled with tears at once. It said “I love Mommy”and a heart shape was around it.

  Well, the wallpaper remained, just as she found it, with an empty picture frame hung around it. A reminder(提示) to her and to all: Take time to read the handwriting on the wall.

  So when you are sure that something goes wrong, have you ever had any doubt that there might be a misunderstanding Take some time to give it a second thought.

  1.What did Tyler do before his mother came back

  A. He wrote something on the new wallpaper with his crayons.

  B. He broke all his crayons and threw them away.

  C. He played games with his elder brother in their house.

  D. He had a big fight with his elder brother.

  2.What can we 1earn from the underlined sentence

  A. The mother began to realize her mistake.

  B. The mother was quite angry with her little son.

  C. The mother didn’t get along well with her little son.

  D. The mother wanted to make her little son feel relaxed.

  3.What does the underlined word “scolded” mean in Chinese

  A. 赞扬B. 斥责C. 摧毁D. 接受

  4.How did the mother feel when she saw what her little son wrote on the wallpaper

  A. Calm.B. Surprised.C. Moved.D. Relaxed.

  5.What is the main idea of the story

  A. It’s never too late to show love to our families.

  B. Love from your mother often hides in small things.

  C. It’s important to believe in your family members.

  D. We’d better take time to learn from others’ mistakes.



  Here is a story: A man sees a butterfly (蝴蝶). The butterfly tries to get out of its chrysalis (蛹). Feeling sorry for it, the man decides to help. He cuts the chrysalis and the butterfly comes out easily. Surprisingly enough, the butterfly is unable to fly. If the butterfly doesn’t struggle(挣扎;奋斗) to leave the chrysalis, it can’t fly! The struggle develops the energy in the butterfly which makes it fly. Similarly, the challenges of life bring out the best in young people and make the fly.

  When people are young, meeting and overcoming challenges will make them strong and ready to face life. When we look at successful people, we see that the most successful of them are people who have had to struggle. One famous businessman, who now owns many big supermarkets, used to carry clothes on his back and sell them from door to door when he was young. Another successful man is Dennis. His father died when he was only twenty. His father’s death forced him to mature fast. He had to bring up a family of nine people. He took up the challenges and overcame them. Today his brothers and sisters are leading successful lives.

  Sometimes challenges do not appear to us because we keep away from them. So some parents and teachers actively encourage young people to face challenges. They might organize some activities for young people which provide them with challenges, like rock-climbing, camping, volunteer work and so on. However, just passing exams will not prepare a person for life. We must meet and overcome challenges. The young people of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. For countries to continue to become successful, it is important that the young people learn to meet challenges and overcome them.

  Title: 56.1..

  From the story we know why the butterfly can’t fly.

  57. Because2..

  What does Dennis’s example show

  58. That successful people should 3..

  What is the meaning of the underlined word “mature”

  59. It is 4..

  What is the writer trying to do

  60. He (She)5..


  It’s difficult when you have no good friends around - maybe because you have moved to a different school or a different class or you’re sick at home. 61.没有朋友你也许会感到寂寞。 You want to have new friends. But how to make them How do you start How do you get along with people Here are five ways to help you to do these.

  Greet people

  Greet people and hope that they have a good day - whatever time of day it is. It doesn’t hurt any people. 62.It also makes people think you’re friendly.


  Take something to eat in your pocket. Ask if people would like to have some, and at the same time hand it to them.

  Help people

  Simple actions, like helping people carry something or opening a door show your kindness.


  63. smiling, to, easiest, is, the, introduce, way, yourself, perhaps . There’s a great reason why it takes fewer muscles (肌肉) to smile than to cry. Nature just wishes us to smile more.

  Respect others

  The world’s full of differences. So learn to respect others. 64.It is the only way other people will respect you.







  任务四:64. 写出64处划线部分it所指代的内容。


  任务五:65. 请给短文拟写个标题。




  为大力推进生态文明建设,我市开展以“生态鄂州,美丽乡村”为主题宣传月活动。请你根据以下提示,以“共建绿色城市”或“共建美丽乡村”为主题,写一篇英语短文,呼吁广大市民爱护环境、保护生态, 建设美丽鄂州。



  Build a green city / a beautiful village together


  方 式

  益 处

  1. 骑车、徒步出行


  2. 不乱扔垃圾,不随地吐痰


  3. 植树造林





  1. 80词左右(开头的首句已给出,不计算在总词数内.)

  2. 文中不能出现自己的姓名和所在学校的名称及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。

  参考词汇:吐痰:spit 垃圾箱:dustbin 交通拥堵:traffic jams 环境:environment

  As a middle school student of Ezhou, it’s our duty to help build a green city / a beautiful village.