Plan on traveling around the USA There are a number of outstanding websites that can make your American dream come true.


  This is the latest offering that features 101 holiday ideas to the USA. It’s a diverse selection, ranging from touring in the footsteps of Martin Luther King to a golfing break in Arizona and a cycling and wine-tasting trip in California’s Napa Vailey. Narrow down what you’re looking for—whether by price, region, theme and who will be traveling—and then just the photos of the relevant holidays remain on view. It’s a really clever design.


  The National Scenic Byways Program covers 150 memorable roads. Some are natural scenic routes, such as Route 1 along the California coast. Others focus on history (such as Route 66) or man-made attractions (the Las Vegas Strip). Or each, you’re provided with a map telling the route’s length and how long is allowed.


  This is the best website for reviews of hotels in US cities and tourist sites. There are photos of each hotel. Importantly, these are not promotional photos provided by the hotels, but more honest and revealing ones taken by inspectors. From the 243 hotels reviewed in New York, you can narrow down what you are looking for by locations, facilities and styles, or just pick out a selection of the best.


  Sea World in San Diego can make dreams come true, but the price are not affordable for the majority of people. So turn to long-established, giving big discounts on tickets, hotel and dining at Sea World.

  1.Where is the text probably from

  A. A science report.

  B. A news article.

  C. A travel brochure.

  D. A book review.

  2.At which website are travel ideas for wine lovers are available

  A. www.101usaholidays.co.uk

  B. http://byways.Org

  C. www.oyster.com

  D. http://seawoldparks.com

  3.What can be inferred from the text

  A. You can see some man-made attractions driving along Route 66.

  B. The National Scenic Byways Program covers all American roads.

  C. Photos on www.oyster.com can be trusted by tourists.

  D. http://seawoldparks.com is a newly established website.

  A glass a day keeps obesity at bay. Alcohol has always been thought to cause weight gain because of its high sugar content, but new research suggests a glass a day could form part of a diet. Looking at past studies they found that, while heavy drinkers do put on weight, those who drink in moderation can actually lose weight.

  A spokesman for the research team at Navarro University in Spain says,“Light to moderate alcohol intake, especially of wine, may be more likely to protect against, rather than promote, weight gain.”The Inter national Scientific Forum on Alcohol reviewed the findings and agreed with most of the conclusions, particularly that current data do not clearly indicate if moderate drinking increases weight.

  Boston University’s Dr. Harvey Finkel found that the biologic mechanisms (生物学机制) relating alcohol to changes in body weight are not properly understood. His team pointed out the strong protective effects of moderate drinking on the risk of getting conditions like diabetes (糖尿病), which related to increasing obesity. Some studies suggest that even very obese people may be at lower risk of diabetes if they are moderate drinkers.

  The group says alcohol provides calories that are quickly absorbed into the body and are not stores in fat, and that this process could explain the differences in its effects from those of other foods. They agree that future research should be directed towards assessing the roles of different types of alcoholic drinks, taking into consideration drinking patterns and including the past tendency of participants to gain weight.

  For now there is little evidence that consuming small to moderate amounts of alcohol on a regular basis increases one’s risk of becoming obese. What’s more, a study three years ago suggested that resveratrol, a compound present in grapes and red wine, destroy fat cells.

  1.Who is the passage intended for

  A. Those who produce wine.

  B. Those who have drinking habit.

  C. Those who sell alcohol.

  D. Those who wish to quit drinking.

  2.What does the phrase“in moderation”in the first paragraph refer to

  A. Excitedly. B. Carefully. C. Properly. D. Frequently.

  3.What can we learn from the passage

  A. Current data clearly show that moderate drinking increase weight.

  B. Resveratrol is proved to increase the risk of becoming fat.

  C. The specific roles of different types of alcoholic drinks are very clear.

  D. The research found moderate drinking has a strong protective effect.

  4.What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows

  A. How to do some easy experiments.

  B. How to reduce the calories contained in wine.

  C. How to make wine in a healthy way.

  D. How to prove the finding mentioned above.

  When men get together, they seldom talk about their feelings or inner thoughts. However, they talk about a lot, like their newest computer, how to repair their car, or even business.

  Talk might move to the best place to find fish or women, jump to computer games, then continue to the sport of the season. They also like to tell jokes each other and spend a fair amount of time playing one-up and boasting (吹牛). Men seldom call each other to chat.

  When man meets woman, he usually wants to make a good impression. Many single man try hard to carry on amusing, fun, and pleasant conversations. They use conversation to discover her interests and feelings in order to learn how to be attractive to her.

  Some men, either out of nervousness or ignorance, spend most of the time talking about themselves, often appearing to brag about their achievements or talk endlessly about their problems or work. Even the quietest man talks to his woman when love is new.

  When women get together, they talk about feelings and relationships, their work, and their family. They enjoy talking but also want the give and take of talk, then listen. Women often call each other to chat. Conversation is an important part of most women’s lives.

  As relationship progress, however, many turns on the television and forgets how to talk. This raises anger and cry from his woman partner who says,“You never talk to me any more.”Some man start talking. Many, however, mainly discuss their own achievements and problems.

  When the woman starts talking about her favorite subjects: feelings, family, relationships, friends and her work, many men lose interest or bring the conversation back to themselves, pretty soon, the man is back to starting at the television each night, wondering where his relationship has gone. The woman is talking to her friends, mom, sister or neighbor, often about that very relationship and how she is hurting.

  1.What can we know about men from the first two paragraphs

  A. They like to talk about practical matters.

  B. They are willing to expose their inner thoughts.

  C. They prefer to take adventurous travels.

  D. They often call each other to chat about work.

  2.Which of the following can replace the underlined part“brag about”in Paragraph 4

  A. Show off. B. Dream about.

  C. Put forward. D. Care for.

  3.What is the same topic in both men’s and women’s talk

  A. Family. B. Work. C. Friends. D. Jokes.

  4.What is the best title of this passage

  A. How a man makes a good impression to a woman

  B. Good relationship between men and women

  C. Talking, the women’s main tool in communication

  D. Men talk; women talk; do they talk together

  Characters in novels don’t always do what the writer wants them to do. Sometimes they cause trouble, take on lives of their own, or even work against the writer. It’s not just a problem for inexperienced authors: famed children’s novelist Roald Dahl said he got the main character in his book Matilda so “wrong”that when he’d finished his first version, he threw it away and started again.

  Of course it’s not the characters’ fault. The problem lies with the author. Take Stephen King, who admitted that writing working-class characters is more difficult nowadays because his own circumstances have changed. “It is definitely harder,”King said.“When I wrote Carrie many years ago, I was one step away from physical labour.”

  This is also true for characters’ ages, added King.“When you have small children, it is easy to write young characters because you observe them and you have them in your life all the time. But your kids grow up, it’s been harder for me to write about this little 12-year-old girl in my new book because my models are gone.”

  For other authors, such as Karen Fowler, there’s one quality that can stop a character in its tracks: boredom.“I had particular problems with the main character in my historical novel Sister Noon,”she says.“She had attitudes about race and religion that seemed appropriate to me for her time and class, but they were not attitudes I liked. Eventually I grew quite bored with her. You can write a book about a character you dislike or a character you disagree with, but I don’t think you can write a book about a character who bores you.”

  According to Neel Mukherjee, it was Adinath, a character in The Lives of Others, who made him work the hardest.“I think I struggled because it’s difficult to write a character whose most prominent personal feature is weakness, as Adinath’s is, without making that feature define him,”Mukherjee says. But a troublesome character is far from an unwelcome guest, he continues, arguing that “when characters work against the author they come alive and become unpredictable”.

  “That is a fantastic thing to happen,”Mukherjee says.“I celebrate it. It is one of the great, lucky gifts given to a writer.”

  1.What can we infer about Stephen King’s book Carrie

  A.It was his most difficult book to write.

  B.It was the first successful novel King wrote.

  C.There were few children featured in the story.

  D.Some of its main characters were working class.

  2.Why did Karen Fowler have trouble writing the main character in her novel Sister Noon

  A.She disagreed with the character’s attitudes.

  B.The age difference between the two was too large.

  C.She found the character very uninteresting.

  D.The historical setting made accuracy difficult.

  3.What does Neel Mukherjee think of his difficult-to-write characters

  A.They are a sign that the story is not realistic.

  B.They are often the most interesting.

  C.They should be praised by all authors.

  D.They need to be researched more thoroughly.

  4.In which part of the newspaper would you expect to find the passage

  A. Careers. B. Culture.

  C. Entertainment. D. Lifestyle.



  Developing a better relationship with parents is important for most of the people. 1. For example, some adult children believe that parents are not able to understand their lifestyles while some believe parents want to control their lives. Here are some tips on how to develop a better relationship with your parents.

  2. Love your parents for who they are, not for who you want them to be. Realize how much they have done in order to give you the best life possible. Recognize the difference in your respective ages. Priorities(优先处理的事) change as a person grows live.

  Take your parent’s advice seriously. Listen to their stories and learn from their past experiences. Parents don’t want you to make the same mistakes they did and it hurts them to see their children go through any difficult times. Realize that your parents are not trying to control you. 3..

  4. Make an effort to spend quality time with your parents. Remember to visit them as often as you can. Get involved in their activities. Parents love to share the excitements of their lives with their children. Listen to their adventures, as parents often want their children to hear their latest news.

  Make an effort to communicate with your parents more often. 5. Ask for advice when it’s needed. Listen and accept their concerns. Try to use statements such as, “I will certainly consider what you just said”, or“I would love to hear more about this in person.”Communicating openly will make them have more confidence in you.

  A.Manage your time better.

  B.Share the parts of your life with them.

  C.It’s never too late to express your love.

  D.But you need to plan another visit time.

  E.They only want to tell you what is the best for you.

  F.Understand the difference between you and your parents.

  G.However, becoming older creates some distance from parents.



  Tina woke up early and immediately her thought turned to what happened yesterday. Her boss told her that she would be getting a _1.___(promote). He explained that her extraordinary enthusiasm__2._ tireless effort had made her just the type of person he needed.

  Tina smiled__3.____(remember) his words and she felt proud of herself. She got up, smiled in the mirror and practically danced to the train station. __4.___the way people noticed her mood and smiled at __5.___. Some wished her a good day. At the tram everybody around her suddenly felt the urge__6.___(smile).

  Strangers on the train started conversations with each other. Tina was___7.___ (surprise). Were all these people feeling her happiness On her way to the office she_8.___ (see) herself in a store window. Her whole face was glowing(发光). ___9.___ (sudden) she realized that her smiling face might have been responsible for all the joy. This thought made Tina even__10.___(happy). She was ready to face the first day of her new position in the company and she brought with her the memory of the impact she had on all those “strangers on a train”.






  注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

  2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

  While taking a walk with my pet dog this morning, I found the middle-aged man nearby was shouting on his phone. Obvious, he had a bad day. Before he left, I noticed his keys were on the ground. So I immediately picked up and ran away to find the man. Several minutes later, I found him, whom was still shouting on his phone beside his car. I walked to him and asked if he could hold on a little seconds. At first, he was angry about my interrupt. Then I showed to his keys and explained the whole thing. On heard my words, he immediately hang up his phone and apologized for his rudeness.



  1. 旅行信息(如景点等);

  2. 当地特色(如食品等);

  3. 注意事项。

  注意:1. 词数:100左右;

  2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总数;

  3. 可适当增加细节,使行文连贯。

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I’m Li Hua, a Chinese student, studying in New Zealand. I’m writing to












  Li Hua